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FarmTech Solution’s mission is to improve outcomes for Farmers, Breeders & Veterinarians. Along with our team of Breeder Specialists and Veterinary Educators we find, vet, prescribe and support practical technology including: Portable Ultrasound Scanners, Reproductive Ultrasound Training Courses, Ovulation & Pregnancy Detectors.

Our PetTech Solutions division offers the best-in-class breeding devices, education & support for best-in-show breeders and veterinarians such as; Point of Care Companion Animal Ultrasound Systems, Canine Pregnancy Ultrasounds & Training, Whelping Boxes, Pregnancy & Ovulation Detectors. As a Canadian Kennel Club Affiliate Partner we proudly offer CKC Member’s exclusive savings & benefits.

We’ll train you on how to use our products, back them up with strong support and cheer you on to success.

That’s our promise.


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