About Us

FarmTech Solutions and our Partners help improve the health of livestock, increase farm productivity and profitability and reduce farm losses with practical and well-supported technology solutions such as:

  • Ultrasound Scanners
  • Reproductive Ultrasound Training Courses
  • Ovulation & Pregnancy Detectors
  • Crop Diagnostic Tools


Our PetTech Solutions division offers the best in breeding devices and ultrasound systems and training for dog breeders and veterinarians.


Doing business with us is easy and enjoyable and we believe it should be fun and include a few laughs along the way. Our professionalism and commitment to quality is paired with a relaxed, honest and approachable spirit.

We are friendly, knowledgeable, down to earth people who love what we do and encourage a collaborative, open minded and welcoming spirit.

With offices in Quebec and British Columbia and Specialists across the country, we serve all of Canada and the United States. We live to find great tools and offer the support to go with them to help breeders, farmers and vets realize their goals.

What Others Say

“There are three things that stand out as great strengths of FarmTech Solutions, that many other company’s do not have:

FarmTech Solutions provides high quality products that meet and solve the needs of the agriculture industry, provides excellent and timely product support and always ensures the end users are happy.

Communication is a priority and FarmTech staff make sure all needs are discussed with me as a Partner and in support of my customers.

I am very pleased as a Partner to be associated with such a professional and personal company and look forward to providing my customers with Farmtechs’ great products for many years to come.”

Steve Cannon, Lonestar Ranch Sales
Red Deer, AB, Canada

“FarmTech Solutions provided tremendous information and support.”

Kevin Forbes, Forbesvue Farm
Sarnia, ON, Canada

“I was so impressed by such wonderful service; I want to share my experience with PetTech Solutions as I think others should know.”

Karen Fries, Allegheny Pekingese Club
Massillon, Ohio, USA


Phone: 1 (800) 672-9182
Email: info@fps.email


Phone: 1 (800) 672-9182
Email: info@fps.email