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We Help Farmers, Breeders, & Veterinarians

Our Mission

FarmTech Solutions builds and grows prosperous opportunities together with our Network Partners in strategic markets with solutions for animal health, portable ultrasound solutions and training. Focused on maximizing value for the end-user, FarmTech Solutions partners with like-minded businesses and specialists to ensure an excellent customer experience at all stages and points of contact. We help farmers, breeders and vets improve animal health, increase productivity and lower losses using practical technology solutions and full-service support.

Whatever it takes to help you connect valued solutions to your customer needs is our aim.


With two Partner Programs to choose from, you decide which model is best aligned with your preferred business approach:


Network Partner

Full service interaction with your Customers, including informing, product demos, facilitating the sale transaction and fulfilling the order from your on-hand inventory.

Network Partners earn a bigger slice of the pie for their greater involvement. This is a perfect fit for existing retail operations that have Customer relationships, physical locations and an aligned business model.


A matchmaker role whereby one creates opportunities, manages customer relationships and provides solution-focused sales.

No need to hold inventory or fulfill orders, we’ll take care of it for you. This is a great complimentary activity to an existing service or role. For example, an Equine Reproductive Specialist would be well-positioned to sell Estrous Detectors to their clientele.

Let’s Discuss! 

Connect with us to explore possibilities, or give us a call at 1 800 672 9182.