Ultrasound Technology on the Farm

Credit: Canadian Dairy XPO 2017 Show Program




A practical and convenient tool when you need timely information to make informed management decisions

If you want to learn more about ultrasound use on your pregnant and open cows and what the technology can bring to your operation no matter the size, you’ll want to turn to Farm Tech Solutions Inc. This multi-faceted company aims to address the growing interest producers have about this new technology. It will share some of the leading benefits ultrasound offers producers, and provide an overview of the primary uses of ultrasound, such as determining pregnant or open cows and identifying ready-to-breed animals.

Farm Tech Solutions Inc. will be offering live demonstrations every 30 minutes in the Milk House next to Hall 2, starting at 1:30 p.m. on April 6. Dr. Tom Wheal will be demonstrating ultrasound techniques and reviewing the images live on a screen for groups of 10 to 12 people. Participants will have the opportunity to view early- and late-stage pregnancies at various gestational phases, as well as open and ready-to-breed cows.

The company has been proudly participating in CDX since 2014, and has hosted its two-day bovine reproductive ultrasound training course following CDX in previous years. Farm Tech Solutions Inc. is excited to be offering participants the opportunity to learn more about ultrasound technology in a small group setting to ask questions and see for themselves what the ultrasound images look like and how to interpret what they are seeing.

Producers will have a better understanding about the use of ultrasound on their own farms and how they can readily adapt the technology as a best practice. Ultrasound is practical and convenient when you need timely information to make decisions independently on your schedule and, when applied on your farm, results in improved success in reproductive programs.

By Sharon Laidlaw, editor Milk Producer






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