Draminski Estrous Detector – Pigs


Used For: Detecting Estrous in Sows

The Estrous Detector provides producers with an easy to use and inexpensive solution to accurately identify estrous and not miss another cycle. Determine precisely when to mate by pinpointing forthcoming estrous to increase breeding success, without the frequent false positives, inaccuracies and breakage or losses common with other devices.



  • Confirm the most optimal time to mate for more pregnancies
  • Detect asymptomatic estrous (silent heat)
  • Make insemination more effective
  • Affordable, durable and easy to use
  • Light, ergonomic, water and shock resistant casing


Using the Estrous Detector for Sows

Measurements are fast, easy, safe and comfortable for the animals. To use the device, you simply insert the probe into the animal’s vagina and note the results. By registering changes in the electrical resistance of mucus, you can establish symptoms of a forthcoming estrous. In addition to detecting the best date of mating, the estrous detector may also be used to confirm early pregnancy (from 19 to 23 day following mating). If there is no pregnancy, the device will identify another estrous period occurring. To detect estrous or early pregnancy you should make one or two measurements per day for several consecutive days.



Check out Specs, Brochure, User Manual and FAQs below.



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Unit weight 415 g (with battery)
Dimensions 52.0 x 7.0 x 17.0 cm
Length of the probe 42.5 cm
Power supply 1 x 9 V battery, type 6F-22
Battery low indication automatic
Power input about 18 mA
Measurement control single chip microcomputer
Estimated working time on one battery pack about 22h
Display LCD, 3.5 digits
Measuring range 0-1990 units
Measurement resolution 10 units
Recommended working temperature from 0°C to 50°C
Recommended storage temperature from 5°C to 45°C


When timing is everything, give yourself the best advantage.

Draminski Estrous Detectors – FAQ’s

How does the device work?

Various biotechnical methods of estrous observation have been investigated, one of them being the measurement of electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus during estrous. Knowledge of physiology and changes occurring in female reproductive organs, demonstrated that changes in the ovaries are accompanied by changes in the electrical resistance of the animal’s vaginal mucus. It is worth emphasizing that a close relationship has been documented between changes in electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus and hormone levels. In a healthy animal’s vagina, the electrical and chemical characteristics of mucus changes in a predictable pattern (while entirely predictable these patterns vary between species and are highlighted in the user manuals) from the beginning to the end of the ovulation cycle. By measuring and noting these changes, you can accurately and confidently predict ovulation. The Estrous Detector accurately measures these changes and demonstrates them as a number, by following these readings, you can determine that ovulation is pending, happened or that an animal is pregnant (results do not show another pattern of ovulation).

Each type works in the same way but has different length, diameter of the probe depending on the anatomy of the animal. To achieve high accuracy of results we recommend always using the device specifically designed for the species being tested.

What are the advantages of using Estrous Detector?

It helps in planning for reproduction by determining the exact moment of ovulation so in consequence the perfect moment for insemination or fertilization

Increases the effectiveness of insemination or mating.
Saves time for team managing insemination and/or mating.
Helps to save semen as it allows you to limit the number of AI repetitions.
Ovulation provides a small and brief window of opportunity, the device pinpoints ovulation before it happens to ensure you don’t miss this window and have to wait another cycle.
Detects ‘silent heat’ even if there are no visible symptoms of estrous or the symptoms are misleading.
Eliminates the stress of repeated attempts of AI (important especially for heifers)

Lowers food costs (different food for animals thought to be pregnant) and reduces the period between births.
Eliminates the costs associated with the transport of semen or male (eliminating repetitions, especially in dogs and horses)
Increases effectiveness of reproduction in animals with reproduction disorders (silent heat, age)
Economical device which can be used for years and years of use – in comparison to the costly and disposable methods. (e.g. hormone – blood test)
More accurate than many testing methods and limits the loss and breakage of other types of methods such as pedometers, etc.

What is correct number which shows the best moment for mating/AI?

Detecting estrous does not depend on one index reading but the interpretation of a sequence of readings which will show you a trend. Each animal is different and can produce different readings (because of age, health etc.) so there is no general index for all cows or all pigs. Each animal should be treated individually. You are looking for a pattern. Each expected pattern is highlighted in the user manuals specific to the species being tested.

Does this device work for all type of animals?

There are 3 different types of Estrous Detectors for different kinds of livestock. The size, length and angle of the probes are specifically designed for the species they are intended for. It is not recommended to use the tester for Cows and Mares with Pigs for instance.

1. EDC – for cows and mares
2. EDS – for sheep and goats
3. EDP – for pigs

We also have a version for dogs (Dog Ovulation Detector)

Who should use this device?

Farmers and breeders looking to maximize their reproductive programs and mitigate losses. To get reliable results it is important to take regular readings (e.g. once every 24 hours, and even more frequently in Estrous time) otherwise accuracy of heat detection will be much lower. Testing requires just a few seconds.

Should I put some lubricants on the probe?

While using the detector, you shouldn’t use put any lubricants, gel, liquids etc. on the probe as it will interfere with the readings and reduce accuracy.

It is normal for there to be a variation between animals on how far the probe should be inserted depending on the size of the animal and how well-developed the reproductive tract is.

Also, following procedure, is there any chance of abortion in bred cattle when using the probe to detect early pregnancy (i.e.not show another cycle)?

Is it possible to cause an abortion using the device?

We have never heard about abortion after using the Estrous Detector – the manufacturer (Draminski) have sold over 10.000 units worldwide over a few decades.

What is the best disinfectant recommended to clean the device?

0.5-1% solution is for veterinary disinfectant (can be purchased in most of veterinary supply stores). You can use alcohol in solution 50/50 with water.

Can I use the device on a variety of species?

To achieve high accuracy of results we recommend always using the device specifically designed for the species being tested as the length, angle and diameter of the probe is based on the anatomy of the animal it has been designed for.

User Manual