iscan-2-water-resistantiscan-2-rectal-rectal-convex-probeiscan-2-hardcasetransport_caseiScan Ultrasound for Cattle with Gogglesiscan-2-dairy-cattle-ultrasoundiscan-ii-buttonsiscan-ii-connectorsgoggles-iscan-iigogglesiscan-ii-gogglesiscan-2-rectal-linear-and-rectal-convex-probe-options-smiscan-2-rectal-linear-probe

Draminski iScan 2 Portable Ultrasound

Used for: Ultrasound for Cows and Horses

iScan II combines the most robust, military grade casing for durability with exceptional image resolution for high quality, easy to interpret images. Intuitive, user-friendly design makes picking up and scanning with the iScan simple and fast.

Fully water-resistant casing makes clean up fast and easy, simply hose it off and put it back in the hard-case. With both a 7” screen and goggle port, the choice is always yours. View your images on screen or through goggles, whatever your preference, with iScan II, you always have both options.

High-quality lithium-ion battery charges swiftly and provides up to 7 hours on a single charge. iScan 2 includes full 2-year manufacturer warranty fully supported in Canada.

Price: $11,995 –  $14,195 with optional goggles and probe introducer

View cattle pregnancies as early as 25 – 30 days in dairy cattle and 14-17 days in mares.



  • With a broad 3.5 – 9 MHz frequency and 128 crystal probe quality for high-resolution images and videos.
  • Choose between an integrated Convex Rectal Probe (3.5 – 7.5 MHz) for rectal and abdominal scanning on cattle, mares, and small ruminants or the Rectal Linear (4 – 9 MHZ) for use with cattle and mares.
  • 7″ LCD LED screen and option for goggles.
  • Personalize your own Quick Access Menu and save up to 5 pre-sets to quickly start work with your preferred settings.
  • Distance, Area, Volume, Grid, Back-Fat Measurements & Obstetrics Tables for Measuring Gestational Age for difference species.
  • Easily set it to auto-switch to full screen by rotating unit 90 degrees.
  • Expanded zoom options 60%-200%.
  • Memory for 200 images and cine-loops to save and view later or share.
  • Data export directly to a memory stick.
  • Includes lithium ion battery (external) for up to 7 hours portable working time per charge.
  • B, B + B, B + M Mode



Check out Specs, User ManualUltrasound Images and User Testimonials  below.



      • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
      • Free shipping on all orders (Canada & USA)
      • FarmTech satisfaction guarantee.
      • Contact FarmTech Solutions for more details.


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Ultrasound Images

Ultrasound Images

Pregnancy (cow)

Ultrasound images – different stages of pregnancy (early and advanced pregnancy) in bovine ultrasound diagnosis – rectal probe CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Fetal Demise (cow)

Ultrasound images – bovine dead pregnancy ultrasound diagnosis – rectal probe- CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Lutein cysts (cow)

Ultrasound images – bovine lutein cyst ultrasound diagnosis – rectal probe CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Brochure including Technical Data

Brochure including Technical Data




iscan-evaluation-nov12-rb-1“iScan provides a clear image with high resolution. It is very easy to operate the scanner, e.g. to change the depth, save images, zoom in and out etc. I regard iScan as a user-friendly, portable scanner with extremely high image quality.”

– Swedish University of AgriculturalSciences, Division of Reproduction

scanner-reference-p-may-1“I have just using the DRAMIŃSKI iScan it is my favourite to date and I am enjoying using it as I can see ever more detail at ovarian and uterine level. (…) It allows me to have greater confidence and therefore speed when I am getting through my routine fertility or embryo transfer work (…)”

– Peter May, DBR BVMS (hons)MRCVS, Bovine Health and Reproduction

refiscan-wzalewski“(…) I am examining cows and mares since 15 years. I can compare iScan with mu previous, american scanner. iScan is lighter, smaller, handy unit with surprisingly good picture.”- Vet. dr Wojciech Zalewski,Veterinary Clinic Stare Babice

references-iscan_belgiaProfessor of veterinary medicine in Belgium – Christian Hanzen had the opportunity to test our iScan during his field research. He has noticed following advantages:

  • Ease of use, rapid recall of various settings, it is definitely a user-friendly unit,
  • Ergonomy – buttons located at the left side of panel are easy to reach for veterinarians examining with their right hand, (left-hand version also available),
  • High image quality,
  • Durability and cleaning comfort,
  • reliable battery performance sufficient for full shift work.

– Professor Christian Hanzen ,Phd in Liège University (Belgium)

valentini_en valentini_it
– Dr. Salvador Romo García ,Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

User Manual
What Other's Say About the iScan

What Other's Say About the iScan

World renowned embryo transfer specialist, Dr. Peter May, notes “…the iScan simply has the best image quality. It allows me to have greater confidence and speed when performing fertility or embryo transfer work. The battery life is great…this is the only unit I have used where one battery will outlast my daily work. The unit is light, virtually waterproof and very easy to clean.”

“…iScan is a user friendly, portable scanner with extremely high image quality and very high resolution. It’s possible to visualize really small details like the smallest antral follicles in the ovary and internal organs in early embryos.” Dr. Renne Bage, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

“I haven’t read any of the user guide material other than the little quick start booklet since the iScan is so simple. I don’t think anyone needs much training on that part.
I am already able to find 30 day pregnancies in our heifers quite easily and have only scanned about 20 cows! I just need to build up my confidence to say for sure if a pregnancy is there or not and then cycle the cow through a heat. The loaded images and videos that I found on the iScan when I first turned it on are super, super helpful in learning what to look for. The iScan was very easy to get onto and the first heifer I scanned, I found the pregnancy and was able to freeze, save and measure the image too!”
Willem Zevenburger, Framina Farm, Ontario, Canada