Draminski Pregnancy Detector – Sheep, Goats, Llamas, Alpacas and Zebu Cows


Used For: Detecting Pregnancy in Sheep, Goats, Llamas, Alpacas and Zebu Cows

Easily, quickly and accurately confirm or exclude pregnancy using the Pregnancy Detector.



Having timely pregnant or open information has many advantages for producers, including;

  • The ability to re-breed as early as possible.
  • Group animals accurately based on pregnancy status or anticipated due dates.
  • Plan for the correct timing and labour required for births.
  • Plan for marketing to sell animals, decrease winter feeding costs or eliminate pregnant animals mistakenly being sent to abattoirs.



Immediately confirms or excludes pregnancy by locating amniotic fluid in the uterus with ultrasound waves. When placed on the animals’ skin, the probe sends a signal that is reflected from the liquid filled uterine horn. The returning wave generates an audible and visual signal displayed by the device. A small, handheld and durable device that fits right in your pocket and ensures close to 100% diagnostic effectiveness.

Testing Can Begin:

Ewes: As early as 40 days, optimal time to test is between 60 – 90 days

Goats: As early as 40 days, optimal time to test is between 60 – 90 days

Alpacas/Llamas: As early as 30 days, optimal time to test is between 50 – 80 days



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Technical Data

Unit weight 340 g (with battery)
Dimensions 15.5 x 8.0 x 4.0 cm
Lenght of the cable probe 110 cm
Power supply 1 x 9 V alkaline battery, type 6LF-22
Battery low indication automatic
Keyboard membrane
Power input about 33 mA
Estimated working time on one battery pack about 17h
Recommended working temperature from 10°C to 45°C
Recommended storage temperature from 5°C to 50°C

User Manual