Point of Care Ultrasound Systems

For Veterinarians


Imagine working with the best, at the best price.  Invest in impeccable engineering, design, and quality on par with the most notable brands and pay less.

Point of Care Ultrasound Systems for Companion and Mixed Practice Veterinarians:


Perfect Images in All Lighting Conditions

Exceptional Image Quality and Resolution

Easily Bring Ultrasound Machine to the Patients

Veterinarian Developed Presets for Quick Access to Frequently Used Examination Settings for Multiple Species & Exam Types

Remarkable Features and Functionality at Stellar Value – Why Pay More?


The Best in European Design, Engineering and Technical Specs, at the Best Value, Period.



 4Vet Blue 

4Vet Slim

Draminski 4Vet Blue

Perfect image quality with high-resolution LCD LED 12” touchscreen.

Colour, Power and Pulse Wave Doppler with Phased Array Probes.

Vi-Probe – Virtual convex feature on linear probes.

LuciD- Speckle reduction, contrast and edge enhancement system.

D-Curve – Grayscale curve perfectly matching the human eye perception.

Biopsy needle echo enhancement function.

Rechargeable Internal Battery for Up to 2.5 hrs.

M, B+M, 4B, B+B, B Mode

1-14 MHz

Draminski 4Vet Slim

Beautiful, high-resolution LCD LED 10.4” touchscreen with interchangeable probes for all species.

 Small, lightweight, and portable system.

Colour, Power and Pulse Wave Doppler.

Veterinarian developed presets for quick access to most common examination settings for multiple species and exam types.

Rechargeable Internal Battery for Up to 4 hrs.

Biopsy and needle echo enhancement function.

M, B+M, 4B, B+B, B Mode

2-14 MHz

Available Probes for 4Vet Blue: 


Convex R60 / 3.5 MHz

Convex R50 / 5 MHz

Linear L40 / 10 MHz

Micro convex R15 / 6.5 MHz

P-probe R20 / 6.5 MHz

Linear rectal probe L60 / 7 MHz

Ovum Pick-Up R11 / 6.5 MHz


LuciD™ – a system that enhances contrast, sharpness and tissue differentiation making images readable and easy to interpret.


D-Curve™ distinguishes between slight echogenicity differences – a transfer curve ideally suited to the human eye perception.


Vi-Probe™ is a unique technology that provides phased array image type on the convex probe and convex image on the linear probe. BLUE provides enhanced vision, even through a small acoustic window.

Starting at $19,495 CAD


Available Probes for 4Vet Slim: 


Convex R60 / 3.5 MHz

Convex R50 / 5 MHz

Linear L40 / 10 MHz

Micro convex R15 / 6.5 MHz

Linear Endorectal 60 mm / 4-9 MHz

BackFat 180 mm / 3.7 MHz


Starting at $17,495 CAD



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