Introduction to Canine Reproductive Ultrasound Online Course!

Join us Wed. Feb. 2nd at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST for a 2-hour Canine
Pregnancy Ultrasound Training with sonographer, Catherine Stowell.


Suitable for a range of abilities, Catherine will equip you with the knowledge you need to scan for pregnancy confidently and competently.

Teaching veterinary ultrasound since 2010 and having earned her Master’s Degree in Medical Ultrasound at Imperial College, London in 2015, Catherine is also earned her accreditation from the British Society of Echocardiography accreditation.

She is a practicing, qualified sonographer, specialising in small animal pregnancy and cardiac ultrasound. She is also author of the book ‘Ultrasound in Canine Pregnancy Scanning’, as well as a number of academic papers.
Tuition $395 CDN


We heard you loud and clear and are delighted to respond to your interest in learning pregnancy ultrasound. It took a lot of searching and time, but we found the best-in-class ultrasound scanner for breeders (the ScanPad) and are excited to now launch our best-in-class pregnancy ultrasound education just for breeders!


This one-day course allows you to learn the skills to safely and confidently identify pregnancy in your dogs using ultrasound. 

Course Content includes:


  • Guidelines, Safety and Introduction to Ultrasound
  • Understanding the Ultrasound Functions and Key Controls
  • Review of the Reproductive Anatomy in the Bitch
  • Ultrasound Scanning Technique, Identifying Pregnancy and Canine Fetal Appearances
  • Estimating Number of Puppies (and its pitfalls!)
  • Guided demonstrations
  • Determining Gestational Age and Recognizing Abnormal Findings

It is ideal for you to bring a bitch with you to scan – preferably pregnant but we understand that this is not always possible.

It is very valuable to learn to ultrasound non-pregnant bitches as well. If you cannot bring a bitch with you, let us know at registration. All training materials are included.

CKC Hosts PetTech Solutions’ First Ultrasound Training in Canada

Dog ultrasound training canada

Family Day weekend went to the dogs this year as CKC hosted the first ultrasound training course in Canada from PetTech Solutions! The first event of its kind hosted by CKC, the ultrasound training joins the annual CKC Seminar as part of a growing group of CKC member benefits selected specifically to support member breeders in accessing education opportunities.

Training participants gained hands-on experience using the ScanPad Portable Ultrasound for Dog Breeders on their own dogs under the expert guidance of Vet Image Solutions and Animal Ultrasound Association Sonographers, Catherine Stowell and Yvette Lovis of London, UK. The ScanPad can be used by breeders at home for pregnancy confirmation, early detection of uterine abnormalities that require urgent veterinary assistance and determining all puppies have been delivered at the end of whelping.
Long-time CKC member, Loreta Serafini of OZ Yorkshire Terriers, had this to say about her experience in the class:

I was not sure that an ultrasound machine could make my job  any easier when I signed up for the course but knowledge is knowledge, right?  It was a serious course taught by professionals with plenty of time for questions and hands-on training.  The take-away materials were excellent and matched the audio-visual presentation which meant we did not have to take many notes and could concentrate on learning.  When I scanned the two bitches I brought with me I realized that this thing was going to help  me in a big way.  Confirm pregnancy.  Confirm multiple puppies so important to know in a toy breed.  Accurately predict or confirm birth dates and this one really blew my mind—accurately reveal a fetus that had died in utero.  Next I will try measuring skulls to try to predict dystocia.  The support team is amazing and always there online or by phone to help me work out my little problems.   Thank you to Pet Tech Solutions for bringing this option forward—I never would have done it on my own.  Thank you CKC for partnering with this company—this is exactly the kind of support that we need and expect from CKC and I am so glad that we both ventured forward on this.” 

Loreta Serafini, Oz Yorkshire Terriers

“We’re here for CKC members,” said Karen Abbott, President of PetTech Solutions, “whether we are bringing international experts to share their knowledge or developing new technology that is exclusively available to CKC members, we want to give breeders the tools and skills they need to effectively and affordably manage their breeding programs.”

“PetTech Solutions exemplifies the kind of strategic alliances we are developing at the Canadian Kennel Club,” shares CKC Executive Director, Lance Novak. “CKC member breeders are wholly committed to the highest standards when it comes to their breeding programs. We are proud to support that commitment with new initiatives and collaborations with organizations who share CKC’s dedication providing members with exceptional education opportunities and technology.”

PetTech Solutions is planning ultrasound trainings throughout Canada. If you or your club would like PetTech’s trainings available in your area, PetTech Solutions’ President, Karen Abbott, would love to hear from you.


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