Portable Ultrasound Machines

For All Species and Practices


Imagine working with the best, at the best price.  Invest in impeccable engineering, design, and quality.

Portable Ultrasound Systems Designed for the Rugged Realities in the Field:


    • Extreme Durability
    • Exceptional Image Quality and Resolution
    • Fully Water-Resistant Models for Fast and Easy Clean-Up
    • Screens and Goggles, Always Have Both
    • Service, Support and Loaner Machines Always
    • Remarkable Features and Functionality at Stellar Value – Why Pay More?


The Best in European Design, Engineering and Technical Specs, at the Best Value, Period.


Point of Care Portfolio

Draminski 4Vet Blue

Perfect image quality with high-resolution LCD LED 12” touchscreen.

Engineered for ovum pick-up with needle-guided software, embryo transfers, equine and companion animal examinations.

Colour, Power and Pulse Wave Doppler with Phased Array Probes

M, B+M, 4B, B+B, B Mode

1-14 MHz

Starting at $18,910 CAD/$14,230 USD


Draminski 4Vet Slim

Beautiful, high-resolution LCD LED 10.4” touchscreen with interchangeable probes for all species.

Designed for equine and companion animal examinations. Small, lightweight, portable system with 3 Doppler functions.

Colour, Power and Pulse Wave Doppler

M, B+M, 4B, B+B, B Mode

2-14 MHz

Starting at $17,610 CAD/$13,250 USD


Draminski iScan 2

Our most popular ultrasound for Bovine & Equine applications.

Fully water-resistant, high-resolution 128 crystal transrectal probe for bovine and equine use or convex rectal for large animals and small ruminants.

Exceptional quality and value with 7″ LED LCD screen and goggles.

B, B+B, M Mode

4-9 MHz Rectal Linear Probe or 3.5 – 7.5 MHz Rectal Convex

Starting at $11,995  CAD/$9,020 USD


Draminski 4Vet Mini

A lightweight and extremely durable scanner offers exceptional image quality with multiple probe options including back-fat, rectal linear, 40 and 60 mm linear and abdominal convex.

Options to connect goggles. Ideal for examining multiple species with up to 5 different interchangeable probe options.

B, B+B, M Mode

2–14 MHz

Starting at $13,010 CAD/$9,790 USD


Draminski SonoFarm Mini

Ideal for confirming open or pregnant with a variety of livestock.

Durable and portable.

Choose from 3 interchangeable probes for use with pigs, goats, sheep, & cows.

Starting at $5,595 CAD/$4,299 USD


Draminski Ultrasound Goggles

Draminski Portable Ultrasound Goggles offer a comfortable, five-point system of adjustment to tailor the best fit.

Pixels: 640H*480V*RGB(922K)

Goggles for Use with Draminski 4Vet Mini, and iScan 2

Starting at $1,750 CAD/$1,345 USD


Available Probes

Abdominal Convex Probe 2–8 MHz,

Abdominal Micro-Convex Probe 4–9 MHz,

Linear 60 mm Probe 5–10 MHz,

Linear 40 mm Probe 6–14 MHz

Rectal Linear Probe 4–9 MHz

Rectal Convex Probe 3.5-7.5 MHz

Rectal Probe Arm Extension/Introducer for Rectal Linear Probe

Back-Fat 15 cm Probe for Swine  2-5 MHz

Back-Fat 18 cm Probe for Cattle  2-5 MHz


VIS Scan X Ultrasound

VIS Scan X

Ideal for examining goats, sheep and pigs.

VIS ScanX Portable Veterinary Ultrasound System – Includes Microsoft Surface GO 2 Tablet 8GB and Abdominal Convex or Micro-Convex Probe.

Small, lightweight, exceptionally portable, the Surface Go 2 is perfectly portable, with a 10.5” touchscreen, excellent resolution, and an exceptionally long battery life.

User-friendly with touchscreen.

Starting at $5,350 CAD/$4,280 USD



Interested in Learning Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound? 

Learn more about our cattle ultrasound training courses.


Download our Complete Ultrasound Brochures for Large and Mixed Animal Applications and Companion Animal Applications. 

Check out our complete portfolio of Point of Care Ultrasound Systems.




Dairy Cattle

The demands are great when it comes to reproduction programs on the dairy farm and we’ve got you covered with best-fit solutions for:

Early Pregnancy Determination, Ovarian Structures, Uterine Pathologies, Fetal Heartbeats, Fetal Aging, Fetal Gender Determination, Viewing Multiples

purebred hereford cattle looking from a pasture with trees in background

Beef Cattle

Reproductive ultrasound in cow/calf production is highly-valuable for pregnancy testing and fetal age determination in beef cattle. Bovine ultrasound systems have Extension Arms for Probes available. Early Pregnancy Determination, Fetal Heartbeats, Fetal Aging, Fetal Gender Determination. Measure Fat/Muscle Composition.



Portable solutions for equine reproductive, tendon and eyeball examinations in horses. Equine systems are designed for: Early Pregnancy Determination, Viewing Twins, Fetal Age Determination, Fetal Heartbeats, Ovarian Structures, Tendon and Eyeball Examinations.


Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Llamas, Miniature Zebu Cows

Portable solutions for examining small livestock are invaluable tools for improving reproductive success rates and determining carcass merit. Use ultrasound to: View Early Pregnancy, Twins and Multiples, Plan for Births and Labour, and Measure Muscle and Fat composition.

Two cute pigs on a pigfarm outdoors


Ultrasound systems for pigs are invaluable tools for making reproductive management decisions regarding timing such as: Number of Inseminations, Culling, Determining Early Pregnancy or Non-Pregnancy 18-20 days After Mating to Re-Breed More Efficiently, Viewing Ovaries for More Precise Mating Frequency to Improve Farrowing Rates and Litter Sizes. Accurately Measure Back-Fat.



Mixed Practice Veterinarians, Clinics, Hospitals, Academic and Research Institutions, we have your portable ultrasound solutions with a Variety of Systems and Interchangeable Probe Options.