Grain Moisture Analyzer FAQ

Is this tester certified by the Canadian Grain Commission?

The Canadian grain commission does not certify any grain moisture tester. We ensure that the CGC checks and confirms the calibrations of the standard MTC machine every 06 months.

How often it needs to be calibrated?

It depends on how you use the machine, we suggest that you send the machine every year for a checkup and calibration. If any grain calibration is updated by the CGC we will be able to upload it to the machine.

Is this the same company that manufactures the Labtronics 919

The technology is the same. Both machines use a similar frequency in the capacitor. When you fill the dump cell with grain, the frequency changes. The grain calibrations represent the calculation between the frequency and the moisture.

The machine translates the frequency in the dump cell into a moisture reading. The frequency measures the change in the electrical frequency when something is in the dump cell. Temperature corrections are also included in the machines software/memory.

The machine uses a temperature sensor, weight and frequency to determine the moisture content. The software includes temperature, weight and frequency to calculate the most accurate moisture of the contents in the dump cell.

What is the warranty?

One year

Do you have Canadian grains in the calibrations?

Yes, all the CGC and USDA grain calibrations are in the memory

How long has the manufacturer been making these products?

MTC Moisture is part of Motomco Group, a company with over 25 years working with grain moisture testers.

How accurate are the MTC Grain Analyzers?

It depends on the grain being tested, but in average around 0.2% when comparing to air oven (standard laboratory method for grain moisture testing).

With corn you can have up to 0.5% fluctuation from one reading to another due to different factors, for example the shape of the corn kernel.

Does it do protein, silage and hay?


Do we need a flat surface for the portable 999-FR?

No, the machine can be placed on any reasonably leveled and steady surface

Does the MTC Grain Analyzers work with frozen and hot grain?

Yes, from -20 up to 70 degrees Celsius, although if the grain temperature is outside the CGC calibration range (11 to 30 degrees) the machine will warn the user that the machines is operating outside the suggested range.

How accurate is the Test Weight (bushel weight)?

Between 5 and 10%

What battery type is in the portable machine 999 - FR?

  • Lithium Battery with an average life span of about 5 years.
  • Charging time is recommended to do overnight – 9-10 hours.

How long does it last?

Up to 8 hours of continuous use. Auto-shut down activates after 5 minutes standing by.

Competitive Advantage in the market:

These machines are very convenient as you get the highest accuracy with true portability. 999 FR.

MTC 999 FR does not require external accessories and ensures exceptional accuracy with true portability. Includes an integrated scale and the ability to measure frozen or hot grains. 11 – 30 degrees Celsius – is the range that the CGC uses, however these devices can accurately measure material between -20 – 70 degrees Celsius.

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