Hay Moisture Meters FAQ

What's the accuracy of this device?

The accuracy is +/- 1%

How long is the probe?

HMM as a standard set comes with 60cm probe on cable or fixed to the handle it is also available with a 2 meter detachable probe on a cable.

What's the measurement range?

From 10% up to 80%

Does the Draminski Hay Moisture Meter have memory?

Yes, you can save up to 50 separate readings and the device will auto-calculate the lowest, highest and average of your readings (up to 50). For instance if you want to measure different parts of a bale to get the average moisture content of a sample, you can take up to 50 readings at various depths/areas.

Does it measure temperature?

Yes, it does. Measuring range is 1 – 100 Celsius degrees

Does it work with silage?

Yes, as long as the material being tested is compacted. The tighter the material is compacted, the more accurate the reading will be.

What's the warranty?

The warranty is 3 years

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