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While the systems are intuitive, straightforward and easy to learn, mastering livestock ultrasound takes practice and patience. If ultrasound is new to you, in order to get the most out of your system and reduce the learning curve, training is ideal. Training with a skilled practitioner can significantly improve scanning technique and image interpretation.

Many producers are incorporating ultrasound on their farms due to the convenience of having a scanner readily available to manage pregnancy checking. A great number of producers are learning to ultrasound their herds confidently and with success.

Mastering pregnancy determination and more in your own herd is absolutely within reach. Many like the convenience of determining ‘pregnant or not pregnant’ independently, while working with a highly skilled practitioner to determine ‘why, not pregnant’ or for further examination and more sophisticated diagnosis as necessary.


What Other’s Say…

“…I will be honest, I haven’t read any of the user guide material other than the little quick start booklet since the iScan is so simple. I don’t think anyone needs much training on that part. I am already able to find 30 day pregnancies in our heifers quite easily and have only scanned about 20 cows! I just need to build up my confidence to say for sure if a pregnancy is there or not and then cycle the cow through a heat.

The loaded images and videos that I found on the iScan when I first turned it on are super, super helpful in learning what to look for. The iScan was very easy to get onto and the first heifer I scanned, I found the pregnancy and was able to freeze, save and measure the image too!”


Willem Zevenburger,

Framina Farm, Ontario, Canada


FarmTech Solutions offers one on one on-site demonstrations and group demonstration sessions. Courses include:



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FarmTech Solutions is excited to be participating in the Dairy XPO again for the 2017 show.

Interested in exploring the Benefits of Ultrasound for your operation? Join is in the Dairy Classroom at 12:00, April 6th for a presentation hosted by Dr. Tom Wheal followed by live demonstrations on-site.

See you there April 5 – 6, 2017

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